Jess Ahearn


Jess Ahearn is a science media creator based in Boston, MA.  A professional video editor, she holds a BA in film and television production from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Jess has been working in the field of educational video production since 2012, and currently works as an editor at Harvard Medical School. As part of the school’s HMX initiative, she collaborates with medical educators to produce engaging, pedagogically-sound videos on foundational topics in medicine and human biology.

Over the last six years, Jess has developed a unique videography instruction program for participants in this course. Her lectures and workshops guide participants through learning about composition, lighting, sound, storyboarding, and editing.  In addition to her technical skills, Jess’s clarity, thoroughness, and patience in teaching help “newbies” gain both the skill and the confidence they need to produce their own videos.

Outside of work, Jess is a diver volunteer at the New England Aquarium, where she performs animal husbandry duties and participates in informal science education in support of the aquarium’s Giant Ocean Tank exhibit. She is also currently taking graduate-level classes in education and environmental science.


Video production, Cinematography, Editing